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A complete, coordinated program of English Competencies and Skills for Adults, Adolescents, and Young Adults. Carefully sequenced within each of the six (6) levels of difficulty and between levels, the seventeen (17) books plus Audio of Work/Life English include most proven approaches to language teaching and learning including:

  • a grammatical syllabus,
  • notional-functional methods,
  • instruction in skills-acquisition strategies,
  • explanations,
  • exercises,
  • activities in
    • realistic,
    • practical contexts;
  • content is integral to the series.

Whether using one book, one of the six levels, or specifically selected books from multiple levels, these classic and innovative offerings will delight educators and learners with their variety, creativity, effectiveness, motivational value, and completeness.  

Instructor's versions of each Student book are designed to guide educators and provide additional learning materials, chapter tests, Progress Tests, and Answer Keys.


  • Teacher Tools (6)
  • Work/Life English Language Skills (4)
  • Worktexts & More (41)
$ 15.00 $ 28.00
The practical listening and speaking activities in this book offer ample opportunity for student interaction; many provide immediate feedback on students' levels of proficiency. Each chapter begins with a vocabulary section, which introduces the important words and phrases for all four parts. Part One presents a practical conversation on the...
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$ 20.00 $ 34.00
Additional instructions to aide the learning - teaching process, answer keys to the Student Book materials, and reproducible material for extending the learning - teaching of the competencies experienced in the student book. Give your adult students the benefits of consistency and continual reinforcement using a complete and coordinated English / ESL program....
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$ 15.00
In a structure-based ESL course, this book will provide the core material. Organized around grammar principles and patterns, it provides vital competency material in its reading matter, exercises, and practical activities. In a program that emphasizes language skills, the grammar can serve as a supplementary workbook for the corresponding reading/writing...
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$ 10.00
LEVEL 1 SKILLS BOOK- Student Edition A COMPETENCY-BASED introduction to essential reading - writing, listening - speaking, and grammar based on work and life scenarios in pedagogically sound sequenced increments, including:       1. vocabulary ;       2. listening ;       3. grammar in conversation ;       4. reading-writing . Request ISBN: 978-1-891077-57-9 by ELAINE KIRN; LEVEL 1 SKILLS...


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