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by 2learn-English

4 Skill Levels (Basic, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced),

32 Games with 320 Sounds (+ Pictures) & Letters Boards +

32 Sets of Caller Cards

  • ENJOY AND BENEFIT FROM LANGUAGE-ACQUISITION GAMES & ACTIVITIES SURE TO IMPROVE ORAL & WRITTEN PROFICIENCY simply, quickly, naturally-all without tedium, frustration, pain, complaint, or stress.
  • HAVE ALL YOU NEED AT HAND to make optimal use of 680 typical one- and multi-syllable vocabulary items that are examples of sound/letter patterns-in a neat 4-tiered compact yet complete package.
  • Use GAMES 1-4, 9-12, 17-20, and 25-28 to cover VOWEL SOUNDS & SPELLINGS-and GAMES 5-8, 13-16, 21-24, and 29-32 to facilitate mastery of CONSONANTS in initial, medial, and final position; EXCEPTIONS; and RULES.
  • Meet or exceed standards of COMMON CORE, ELA (English Language Acquisition), ESL (English as a Second Language) and other curriculum STANDARDS with systematic approaches to reading, pronunciation, spelling, and vocabulary. Take full advantage of easily occurring interaction, feedback, cooperation, and competition.

There are four "levels" of Phonics & Spelling Bingo: [1] Basic for people with pre-literate or "O-Baseline" language competency; [2] Beginning: for those with limited ability to hear, say, recognize, and write simple words; [3] Intermediate: for readers that are native English speakers and ELA (English Language Acquisition) or ESL (English as a Second Language) students; [4] Advanced: for natives, bilinguals, non-natives seeking to solidify their knowledge of phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.
Some may want to "mix and match" components of 2 or more levels in the same session or term. Reasons for doing so: [1] A formalized class may require multi-leveled training or testing, especially when tailoring instruction to standards like Common Core. [2] Learners at different stages of competence may succeed better with the comfort or challenge of differentiated tasks, content, and pace. [3] Participants differing in age, goals, and abilities (comprehension, speech clarity, use of the roman alphabet, literacy, vocabulary) may need a variety of things to do.
Leveled packages Basic, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced are alike in the number of separate Games (8), Caller-Card pages (8), and Bingo Boards (80) each contains. They are similar in format, educational principles, desired outcomes, and tone of their instructions and suggestions. They differentiate themselves, however, in the amount of content (number of representative vocabulary items), criteria involved in choosing it, "difficulty" of the actual words (how easy or hard they are to understand, pronounce, read aloud, spell, and use in context), and the focus of offered game instructions and activity ideas. For phonemic vs. graphemic awareness, reading fluency, interaction, and vocabulary acquisition, this is a bundle that streamlines, inspires, and works!

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